Has anyone got any Knorr knife for life codes

Found 15th Dec 2014
Calling out to people in the Catering Trade... I'm looking for Knife for Life codes currently found on the lids of Knorr Bouillon. If anyone has any that they do not use, I would be very grateful!!


how many codes do you need?

Hi, i am after 2 code for the knorr knife for life if anyone can spare them, thanks.

Original Poster

id forgotten i'd started this post and have just this secon cashed out on 15 getting the utility knife.... ugh.... i needed 5 more for the Chefs Knife... Please tell me you had less than 5 spare or I will be so gutted

I need 3 or I will have to settle for paring knife ! I have ordered a chefs knife , but last few tubs have had no code ! offer ends 31st this month, any spares please ?

Any chance to get emails of those interested so I can reply individualy? Regards

Sorry apparently I'm not active enough to send a private message , tried posting e-mail address it didn't get posted , not impressed with this site

Maybe you could send me a private message ? Maybe I could reply

I just need 1 code for the small knife!

Dont suppose anybody has 1 spare please?

hi, i need 2 codes for the small knife, but i am also not able to send private messages, can anyone help please.


got my codes, thank you xxxl

Thank you xxxl ! but one of the codes you sent wont work ! I am one short !

Purple81 try this one:

THANK YOU ! xxxl :0 :0 :0 knife ordered .

XXXL do you have anymore of those codes please? I should have mentioned I'm one short.
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hi xxxl im 5 sort and was wondering if you could help please im a new member so cant send u a msg

actually only 4 sort

are any of you having trouble getting the cooks knife? i keep having to sign in when I click on it and i have 20 codes

They wont let you have it.There is shortage due to high demand. Its been like that for last month. Order what you can or loose it!

Hey xxxl
anymore codes??? Just ordered a small knife just have two codes left over a big ask but.... don't know how many of them I've washed in my trousers


I just need 1 code for the chef knife!

hey if anyone still has just one code id be so grateful! went especially to buy one more pot and they've changed the promo now!! Thanks in advance

ive got 2 codes.



who ever uses them 1st will have them they are good knives mine have already arrived.

just found 2 more in bag.



Thank you very much!!!

I will also get it.

does any one have 4 more codes much apreciate

Hi anyone got codes would really appt the help thanks x

Anyone got anymore. Please?

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if anyone wants to give up any I'd love it.. seems my suppliers are possibly removing them at warehouse level....

After a few extra codes pls going for the bread knife this time round, got the pairing knife in round one cracking little knife

I have 5 codes of anyone needs them, email [email protected]
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I have 5 codes of anyone needs them, email [email protected]

Hi,I need just 2 code,please


I have 5 codes of anyone needs them, email [email protected]

maybe do you have more??:S

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