Has anyone got their gold ring from [email protected] Two Tone Gold Gents Wedding Ring S £9.50 @ Tesco Direct

    9ct Two Tone Gold Gents Wedding Ring S £9.50 @ Tesco Direct

    Mine says :

    Placed: Monday 7th September 2009
    Order number: 208*****
    Order status: At warehouse - dispatching soon


    its only wednesday

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    its only wednesday

    I knw early days bt just wonderin,

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    its only wednesdayr u the guy that bought loads

    No mate,not me,just got 2

    I buoght two - havent come yet but had ordr confirmation
    they still had them available yesterday on the site

    Tesco took them off the website yesterday but they are now back on for £70!

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    Update :
    money has ben taken frm my debit card today,

    That's interesting my money was taken on day of purchase on Sunday.
    It will be interesting to see if the people that made OTT bulk orders will receive!!!

    just checked my account n the money has been taken,looking good :),hope every1 who ordered gets them

    Did anybody get an additional £2 taken out by Tesco as well?

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    Did anybody get an additional £2 taken out by Tesco as well?

    I ordered 2,thy took £24 Incl delivery,


    wedding ring for less than a tenner..........making a mockery of marriage

    got call from tesco saying it was an error
    instead of £9 off price it was just £9.

    order cancelled, refund initiated

    Just got the call from Tesco too, had a little chat with the woman on the phone and Tesco are employing a separate company to call everyone to sort out their mistake so sounds like it's costing them a bit of money! ha


    got call from tesco saying it was an errorinstead of £9 off price it was … got call from tesco saying it was an errorinstead of £9 off price it was just £9.order cancelled, refund initiated

    Oh well you win some you lose some :thumbsup:

    my mate just got a call too saying it was a misprice blah blah but im still waiting for mine

    yep looks like my free trip to amsterdam is out the window but hey ho, no win no fee

    got my call too

    dont believe for a minute this was a misprice-it was only one size after all-was a clearance and Im quite sure it was 9 pounds. reckon too many people on this and other forums spread the word and they just cant cope with the demand.

    and since it was actually coming from an outside supplier they wouldnt be able to update the stock in realtime on the website-bet the supplier nearly died when they saw the number of orders tesco passed to them!

    I was curious to see if anyone got a email yet

    I never got a call today i am guessing a email will be coming my way soon lol

    Whereas everyone(including me) thinks they maybe getting one over on Tescos, and getting something for nothing(which for some of us,has been happening for years..RnR, DtD and millions of coupons)...........I think in this case, Tesco has got lots of us (some bought 300) to send them lots of money, which they will keep for a few days, gaining them interest, and then apologising for the mistake, and after a week or so.....return our

    If we're lucky tho, we might get to keep the

    Not a bad idea really..............wish I'd thought of it.....

    I got a call earlier... misprice... gettin refund
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