Has anyone had a BabyBond (or other company) 4d fetal scan done?

Found 19th Sep 2009
I am thinking of booking in for one but wanted peoples opinions on whether or not it is worth it. All feedback greatly appreciated!
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Never had 1,just had regular NHS ones.

On places where there are community forums like BabyCentre,MumsNet,NetMums etc parents always praise how good and detailed the scans are.

I had a look at these companies online websites a few mths back now but didn't bother. I noticed they have different packages,so the more you spend,the more items you get in way of pics/duration of dvds etc.

Suppose you could be looking at £80-100 upwards for a basic package,you gotta think if its worth doing or if that £100 be better spent on something else for baby.

Another reason for me that I didn't go ahead this time round,is because I never had it done with the other 2,I dunno if they were around so freely 10yrs or so ago but they def were when I was pregnant with 2nd I certain.
I try keep them equal.
they look lovely though, i think it'd be worth having it done, if the £80 isnt important to you, I think it'd be a lovely bonding experience for you x x
I recommend babybond, I didnt have a 4d but I had a sexing scan as lady wasnt 100% at my 20 wk one. Lovey, proffesional, relaxing and if you have kids they get a pic too
We had a 4D scan done at 26 Weeks. At the 20 Week NHS Scan the Sonographer said that we were having a Girl, we went out and bought lots of pink clothes................at the Private 4D scan at 26 Weeks, she had grown a Willy!...........well worth it and the pictures and detail are amazing.
LOL!! I'd of been well gutted, i cried with joy when they said it was gunna be a girl As for the scans, i do think they look lovely, but i would rather justify the money on practical stuff for babes.
just looked at prices at our local one its between £150 and £200 so that counts me out
let us know if u go though and what u thought of it x
my brother-in-law and wife had 1 and it was fab you saw the baby sucking her thumb . have hicupps etc and was all the more special when unfortunately was still born at 34 wks .all on dvd and pics :oops:
I had one with my daughter, really good you get a dvd and pictures to bring away. Really relaxing and the pictures are amazing!!!
we had it and was excellent-well worth the money:)
my friend had them for both her babies, well worth the money and as ppl have said you get a dvd/pics to take home
Wait and see what it is - it's part of the magic of the whole experience.
We had one done and it was worth every penny. We had the sex confirmed and could see her moving around, even had a little smile! Would defiantly do it again.
Had babybond done and i would honestly say it was worth it x
Thank you all. I have booked in at Babybond for the 8th of this month, so excited! We won't be asking the sex though!
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