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Has anyone had a black box fitted in their car for insurance?

Posted 3rd Apr 2014
Just wondered if anyone that is/was a new driver had a box fitted to monitor their driving and did you get a reduction on your insurance?
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my son (20) had one fitted in august after passing his test. it was their requirement to do this
his initial charge was £1100 with me as a 2nd named driver, he was awarded £190 back after 3 months of excellent driving and u can check inline what they see
this was an insurance company called...drive like a girl!!
Try driving at night or during the early hours, sticking to 30 mph. You will be bummed all the way to your destination.
I currently have a box with ingenie.co.uk they are brilliant there is no curfew like most box insurance and no cap on mileage. I've had it 2 years 1st year was 170 and now I'm only paying 60 a month. you also get reductions if you drive good every 3 months and you can monitor this online and with an app
My son used co-operativeinsurance.co.uk/you…nce for a year when he was 20 with his mother on policy too. He got about £300 back in premium for good driving.

When his renewal came he had reached 21 and had a years no claims bonus. He got a quote for exactly the same price from a different company without having to have a black box so he left.

Advice is use these companies fr a year and then check to see if they are still cheaper to make it worthwhile risking having a black box.
My mum was supposed to have 1 fitted and they never showed up even after numerous calls so she just scrapped the idea in the end and took my sister off to make the insurance cheaper

Generally only work well with low mileage drivers, some companies wont put them on policies of more then 6K or 8K a yr.
I really don't think they are a good idea - it won't be long before someone has a serious collision because they didn't want to preform an emergency stop to save money on their insurance.

Then again I'm not a fan of a Big Brother world in general.
There are similar things in lorries, and you get scored on harsh braking, acceleration and fuel economy, it does make you think ahead, the downside is harsh breaking, if someone pulls out on you and you have to brake hard then that goes against you which can be unfair if its not your fault.
All sounds pretty positive to me. Getting one fitted at end of the month and I plan on being a careful driver so fingers crossed I lower my insurance.
I have one fitted with halfords autosaints no curfews can drive at any time of the day or night. The only thing they are bothered about is speeding if you constantly go over the limit then you get a warning if you carry on then your insurance gets cancelled.

Iv gone over the speed limit by a few mph and my score is still excellent
I feel sorry for new drivers. I remember paying 1400 for one years insurance.

don't forget to do the pass plus course too, that also helps.
Hastings Smartmiles fitted 2 weeks ago. 18yr old grp2 car, 1 older named driver, semi rural, £1100 comp, 350 excess. Straightforward process, very particular about documents. Monthly payments very expensive, so paid up front. Info from driving easily seen online, very informative. Scores out of 100 on four criteria. Good product.
My son had an Autosaint box fitted. 98% - 99% perfect driving for 10,000 miles in one year, his renewal was £300 dearer even after they can see his driving record. In my opinion they are a con. He got a good deal for 2nd year with Sainsburys bank. Plus free breakdown with Green Flag.
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