Has anyone had a call from VMedia offering a better deal?

I just had a phone call from Virgin Media (i already had mob,BBand and TV with them) and they offered me the phone line for free, only have to pay 25 quid installing fee. Now ive been thinking about getting phone line for a while because my DF is going on nights from Mon, but i just was a bit taken back that they rang to offer me it? anyway i agreed to it and the person could tell i was worried and she was like look u can cancel with in 28 days etc.
I spoke to my mum and she doesnt know why im worried but i just found it a bit weird that they rang me, btw i didnt give them any details or nething and they said the fee will go on to next months statement......
(god im blabberin)

Does this sound ok and has anybody else been offered anything?


When we set our phone up with them it did just go on the next months statement

As long as they are doing that, and therefore havent asked for direct payment, I cant see it being anyone other than virgin media.

Did they ask you your account details e.g. name (other than to confirm you are the account holder) , or did they already know them

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they already knew everything. I rang up VMedia on the number on my statement and they said yes, obviously they have a sales team and the reason i have been offered it is because im on a old ntl 2 for 20 deal, so it was all kosher etc. I dont know why i was worried i guess i just wasnt expecting them to ring me.
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