Has Anyone had a gearbox oil change for thir VW Passat DSG?

    Some say don't really need to but others say you should

    Please can you tell me after how many miles it was?

    Which oil did you use and how much did it cost?

    I'm being quoted £200


    I got this done a few months back. I got a lower quote from a vw approved independent, and the dealer was prepared to drop about 100 from the vw list price. It takes about 6 litres of oil apparently and a couple of hours to do. The book says every 40,000 miles I think, If you skip it you are braver than me, those gearboxes are expensive!

    mate of mine is audi tech. He won't buy one that's not had regularly changes. He says the will go wrong

    Why would people say it doesn't need doing, lol
    Had mine done at 40000 miles
    Only job I've had done at main dealer
    Cost me £180
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    Go to main dealer for it. Transmission oils can be a bit of a minefield. We got diff oil for my dads rav direct from toyota and changed it. 2 months later the diff was howling. Turned out theres 2 types of diffs on the newer ravs and they sent the wrong oil. Luckily they replaced the diff under warranty but had it been a customers car would of been a problem not to mention embarassing.
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