Has anyone had A Samsung S5620 Monte Touch

Just wondering what the phone was like? Looking for a touch phone, nothing major, or mega expensive. But would like to be able to use the net on it just for basic things like Ebay and Facebook.

If anyone has had this can you let me know what its like and the battery life of it too, as I was originally looking at the San Fransisco, but been told the battery life is very poor


Hi beth, I have the samsung 5620 monte and it has a very good feel to it, battery life is also very good only thing missing on it is android. great for texting

I don't use facebook and stuff much but it does have the facebook icon and IM (palringo and Yahoo but I think you can get msn from a download somewhere)

This phone is better than the san fran BUT it's missing android which tilts people towards san fran

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ta for replying I have heard that the San Fransico is a good android phone, but I am not 100% what that is and how it benefits you

Good thing about the battery life though as some say the SF dies within 1-2 days! I wouldn't remember to charge it that often

Mine lasts for about 5/6 days but I'm a moderate user.
Android is for apps and games, do a quick search on google for more info as there are some good apps out there and some good games, all depends on what you want it for.

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Thank you, I will wait till the double up Tesco vouchers start so I can buy myself one.
Im not fussed on games or many apps, As long as I can do the basic things to keep me from boredom at work then thats great
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