Has anyone had an Energy Efficient Surveyor around?

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Found 21st Oct 2010
Has anyone had one of these surveyor type guys around to their house to see if you qualify for free insulation, central heating etc?

What do they check and is there any tips people suggest to get the best deal?
Were in Scotland if that makes a difference

We have storage heaters in the Living room, Bathroom and Hallway and Electric manual small thin heaters in the kitchen, Katie's bedroom and our bedroom

Our ceilings are pretty high and the building was made in the 1890's, the rooms take ages to heat up and it costs a bomb having all the storage heaters on

we have a letter coming with the date the surveyor will come around to asses the situation

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I think you'll find you will get possibly the worst rating available.

Storage heaters and electric panel heaters are really inefficient - they'll recommend you get gas central etc.

There are loads of grants available via your energy supplier for cheap insulation, but I think it is only available for free if you're receiving benefits - like everything else really.

Energy Efficient Surveyor? Must use one of those laser / ultrasonic tape measures so he doesn't need to move around too much...

Sorry I've not used one - but you could try looking at the energy savings trust site or maybe contact your energy provider to find out what grants may be available to you. Be careful there seem to be lots of sites 'pretending' to be official so I guess there's quite a trade going on selling people energy efficiency.

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Looks like were in F band which is just under the worst for being energy efficient


No offence to wombat, but the page you need saxo is this one energy … No offence to wombat, but the page you need saxo is this one energy saving trust scotland

No Probs moob - I'd clicked on UK by mistake...
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