Has anyone had Betamax, VHS and VHS-C tapes transferred to DVD?

Like it says: With no Betamax player, no VHS player and no converter or dedicated player for the VHS-C tapes, plus not a lot of time or expertise, I'm stuffed.

So: Has anyone had VHS and VHS-C tapes transferred to DVD?

Are there any outfots you could recommend?

Thanks each and everyone.


I've done afew myself . Lots of ways to do this . VHS to DVD/HDD recorder then back to disk . Theres a vhs-c adapter ............fits into the VHS player ,then as above . To PC ............ use a TV card [ I had a bit vid to sound sync problems ] then to DVD disk . The latest thing I got was a capture device using a USB2 port , just link VHS/DVD or whatever to the cables and capture to HDD then write to DVD .I transfered footage from my old V2000 tapes [ they had'nt seen the light of day for 22 years ] and put some of it onto DVD . Quality was poor , but it was to be expected . I used a macrobbuster cable when copying from device to device using a scart lead , this enhances the quality just a tad . There really designed to copy bought videos , but it is against the law ...................and would never do that :-)

I think the clue was in Fluff's post: He's got no VHS or Betamax player and no VHS-C adapter any more.

Does anyone know of any reliable commercial outfits doing this?

people on ebay do it for a few quid a tape

Yaeh ,sorry I missread the post ,the OP couldn't of made it any clearer .........................
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