has anyone had dealings with internet car buying companys?

    has anyone had dealings with internet car buying companys like "" or ""?
    i know they offer bottom dollar and are good if you are desperate or dont have much time, but im ready to sell up as im moving to canada shortly and need the cash.
    do you know of the best place to get the best money for your motor endex ie no part exchange etc. i dont want another car.
    rep on offer here..............


    I sold an old car of mine on about a year ago before it became well known, its pretty straight forward. You make an appointment online, give them all the cars details, make model etc and any marks or damage it has. Then you turn up, they have a good look over it then give you another solid offer! Their offers arent that bad either! I was offered £670 for an old fiesta!

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    thanks for your reply:thumbsup:
    rep added:gift:

    Well is carcraft. Well just a a run in with them, offered me £1500 less than the part ex value of the car. Think they are a right rip off.
    They offer u an extra 150 towards part ex against their cars, but their cars are several k more than normal garages.
    Bought a car a few years from them and refused to carry out work that was not wear and tear that should have been covered under their parts and labour.

    Would avoid Not sure about other.
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