Has anyone had dealings with Sportsguard?

The reason I ask is that i have just been informed that i will be compensated for my recent injury to the tune of £7.15 (yes the decimal is in the right place).

The injury was caused while playing football (for a civilian team) and because i am employed in HM Forces i was able to be 'put back to work' 14 days after the injury although not able to resume full duties until probably next April given that i am a Plant Operator by trade and due to the injury i am not allowed to drive 'service vehicles'

They don't seem bothered that i was still (and would have) being paid while off work (regardless of how long) just the fact that i was back doing some form of work is enough for them to settle the claim. Despite being 'broken' for the foreseeable future.

They claim not to cover any injury for a period of 14 days, so as i can see it, they rule out most football related injuries. As it was for a civilian team i am not covered by any of the military compensation schemes. Hence the purchasing of this 'insurance', which seems to have been the only option for all the teams in our league set up (which im sure should not be allowed/legal) and i am looking at getting legal advise.

What was the injury??? well the wee pic below is of my right leg a couple of hours after the injury.

Any feedback on them would be useful. TIA.


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what exactly were you covered for? loss of earnings? if you technically didn't lose money due to being reassigned and/or sick pay, they may feel their obligation with regards to this has been met.

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not sure (trying to get a hold of the policy docs now) as it was the only one that our manager said that was allowed by the league, they have claimed that, that is not the case and the league seem to be ignoring my emails. Our manager who is now part of the league committee will be asking for more details at the next meeting.
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