Has anyone had problems with NewLook denying you ordered but took the money anyway.

Posted 7th May 2011
I ordered from New Look in the easter holidays and paid by paypal. I did not receive an email acknowledgement of the order, but two days later by paypal account paid twenty pound to them. Now NewLook says that two orders were placed but both were denied. There is nothing wrong with my account so can't understand it. Also Paypal says the mmoney has definitely been paid but NewLook say no order was placed.

Has anyone any idea where I stand on this? I have nevver been in this situation before and New Look are not good to deal with on the phone they give the impression that you can't understand a bank statement.
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Create a case via paypal?
If worst comes to the worst, put in an item not received dispute with paypal, at least you won't lose your money.
Just claim back via paypal, stuff new look if their system is pants. If theres a record of payment and New Look have no means to proof a package has been delivered PP will find in your favour
Thanks for the replies, never been in this situation before, seems strange that New Look deny an order but have been paid by Paypal.
I have a 20% off in store at New Look if that will be of use to you? I listed it on this misc thread: hotukdeals.com/mis…e=2
Thanks for that, but I won't be dealing with new look after this. Btw I have had to get Paypal to sort it out.
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