Has anyone had sacroiliac joint injury ?

Found 13th Jun 2006
Ive ripped ligmanets in my sacroiliac joint apparently after having played a intense game of footy about 2 months ago. Am wondering if anyone else has had this and what they did to cure it ? I find the doctors these days absolutely useless !


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Just kidding! :pirate:

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on a serious note, its a very very painful injury which affects you greatly. So any advise would be great. Ive read around google and stuff but wanted to know real -life experiences.


I have suffered with sacro iliac problems for years and have no definitive answer but a lot of ideas, most of which help a lot
1 Osteopathy - a good osteopath can manipulate your sacroiliac joint to relieve the cause of inflammation/pain and allow you to stand up straight
2 Hot/cold compresses relieve inflammation - obviously so does ibuprofin
3 Pilates and other core-strengthening excercises increase the support from other muscle groups around the pelvis putting less strain on the si joint
4 Hanging upside down always helps take pressure off the joint and realign sacrum and ilium but it is hard to do this when you are in agony
5 Care with lifting, sitting with spine bent or unsupported, driving- especially a lot of pedal work when sitting

What you may find is that in the short term Ibuprofen will help reduce the inflammation, and reduce the pain whilst the ligaments recover strength until they are capable of holding the joint firmly again. I have had the same problem on and of for many years, abdominal strengthening excercises have helped me greatly, as did losing some weight, but it still comes back from time to time, albeit not as bad as it used to be. My ligaments never recovered fully from the first injury, so have not been able to hold the joint firmly enough, so the bones of the joint rub against each other which is the cause of the pain.

Hope yours is a one-off :thumbsup:

Try this...

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