Has anyone had VIP slot for Next sale ??

As above............
Just wondering if they had been allocated yet. If so im not getting one :o(

Thank you


They have only recently had a sale, I wouldn't think they would be having another one quite so soon!

i have just got an e-mail for vip sale on friday, you may get yours soon!

Original Poster

Oh well u win some, u loose some. Will console myself with the money i'll have SAVED lol

Can someonewho has a vip slot please post the listing of whats in the sale, as this is the 1st time i've not been given one, i want to know what i'm missing out on

how do you get a vip slot ive never had one?


how do you get a vip slot ive never had one?

Apparently its completely random

This sale is the worst one in ages. I normally have a whole list of things to order, this time ony 7-8!
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