Has anyone heard of a clothing store called henry brummel ?

Found 3rd Jun 2013
Does anyone know this shop it in 2-3 Royal Exchange Court, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire

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I do, bought quite a few things from there how comes?

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I just wanted to make sure the shop is genuine, is it still open and do they sell good clothing ?

They use to, i have moved away now, but it should be fine

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Have you got friends left in that area that you could ask for me ?

Yeah, ill see what they say.....where are you trying to order from?

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It not me ordering it my son i think it will be polo shirts

Sorry, i mean online or over the phone?

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online. It just the site doesn't look like being updated for some time because there talking about xmas ordering,
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The service is very so slow even You pay £5 for the post

The pay instructions look really poor. Alot of messing about with paypal and entering personal details. Goodness knows how many sales this online site has lost. I personally tried 3 times then gave up.

total absence of service
looks like a fake


total absence of servicelooks like a fake

Used them a couple off times no issues
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