Has anyone heard of a website called Buy Direct 4U.co.uk please?

Found 16th Apr 2013
They seem to have a good deal on a sand pit but I've never heard or used this website before so I'm wary of using them.

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Never heard of them sorry, but why not buy through flubit? Will tell you if they are a legitimate site and probably give you a few quid off.
Have just joined flubit thank you :-)

But they sat it can take up to 48 hours. Meanwhile this sand pit may go as only two in stock..... what to do, what to do......

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Oh and 12% cashback through TCB
Thanks for the trustpilot website. Its great.
It usually doesn't take more than a few hours for flubit to get back in my experience. Possibly 8/10 hours.
I know it's a bit late but I can vouch for them. Visited their site in Loughborough yesterday to buy some items. Huge warehouse, good quality items. I bought telescopic ladder, running machine and a cross trainer.
Product itself looks pretty but very flimsy and very badly made. I ordered two of these and both came in terrible condition. Customer services were absolutely appalling, They promise to make things right by sending you new items but end up being told they have sold out after six weeks of hassle with waiting for delivery and collection for them to go back. They didn't deliver the items when they stated they would. I waited in for a week as they said it would be delivered. Nothing turned up then when i phoned to find out i was lied to saying they tried but no one was home. I was in all week. After all the hassle i sent both items back and got a complete refund.
I am absolutely INFURIATED that these people are allowed to trade!! I bought their so called "pop up Gazebo" on Ebay, as they trade from there also - This is NOT a POP UP GAZEBO! Three different strong enough grown men, attempted to follow the instructions and get this thing up but no, it would not push up and slot into place, very stiff and stubborn - there are screws that have just been screwed into holes by someone, and they are at an angle, you can see someone just quickly chucked the screws in. This was no way made in a factory! When we tried to position the gazebo and get it up, the metal was snapped in the middle, very flimsy metal and dangerous too!! If one of these kids had sliced their arm open on that metal, I m telling you now, liability insurance would be the least of your worries. Someone could have died, that could have ripped their arm open down to the bone, I can t contain my anger, I am absolutely purified with disgust and infuriated right now!!

That excuse for a gazebo was meant to keep the kids out of the sun and in the shade, and to keep the flies off the food - I am absolutely livid and infuriated that because for some people, profit comes before safety and customer satisfaction, my daughters birthday party was ruined, and there could have been severe casualties in my home! The whole thing is a lie, it is NOT as described in the listing, and nowhere near as strong as the one shown in the listing - it is a flimsy, cheap piece of tat that does not pop up with ease - I m just so sorry I didn't check your awful, poor feedback to begin with, and just pushed the boat out and paid over £100 for a decent well made one! It s true what they say, in this country, you get what you pay for - I have been ripped off totally and want my money back, I am also NOT paying postage for returning this. I am so angry it is unreal - fed up of people selling stuff on Ebay for a quick profit, whilst leaving u with a load of crap - what right do they think they have to do that?!!! I am a very honest person, and it s people like this that's wrong with the world! You need to stop selling these, as they are going to result in a very severe injury, possibly someone's death!
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