has anyone heard of these people
    offers to good to be true
    PS3 FOR £195 60gb each lot of 20
    lots of other deals as well.
    don't know if anyone has the know how to check it out.


    Well, they've registered the domain as an "individual" with hidden details which isn't allowed if you're a trading business.

    If an offer's too good to be true it probably is.

    Also, moving to misc.

    Also, the site registration address doesn't match the address on the site. I'd steer well clear!!

    totally agree with ducky ... if it's too cheap to be true it prolly is.

    Poor site with spelling mistakes...

    They say their phone isn't working, so you have to e-mail them...

    You can not pay pay with a credit card...

    Put "Returns" in the search box, and it yields no results...

    Original Poster

    thanks guys you prob saved me a lot of money cheers

    The prices are less than wholesale - so I am guessing it is not legit.

    The site has been pulled.

    I take that back - it was just not loading.

    Also if their phones are going through essential maintance BT can reroute all calls

    lol after 5 orders you are allowed to pay by paypal

    The address given for the registrant of the website is the web design company attributed with creating the site.

    Strange payment technique
    Phone number does work
    Address does not exist as the post code is false.


    I called the cops at 444 Barking Rd, London - 020 74741212 roughly a mile from where the address would be - as they would know an address on a High Street that covered such a large range of numbers (32-66) that was only about a mile way.

    "Nope - not our responsibility - Have you tried the DTI or trading standards?"

    Yeah sure - they are open at 4AM!!!!
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