Has Anyone heard When The Next Winter Sale Is Online?

Found 13th Dec 2007
I thought people might has started chatting about it but I cant find any posts.

Has anybody had any VIP invites yet? Or am I way too early?
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Iv not heard anything yet. But Im glad somebody knows what the online sale is. I started a thread last week asking the same question and the only replies i got was telling me the sale starts Boxing Day:whistling:
I dont know but would think it would be very soon as last year people were saying on here that they were returning items before the sale .I work for next and no customers have come in yet mentioning thier vip invite but will let you know if they do .
I am glad to see there are other saddos desperate for Next sale too LOL
I dreamt last night that i had missed it and was gutted !!
Sale starts on Boxing Day but there is usually a code on here about 4 days before the sale starts.
I keep checking incase it appears earlier
bet there is nothing like last year as i have money to spend now lol
We'll all have to keep our eyes peeled, lol
I always thought the next sale started the day after boxing day?? Am I wrong?
Ramdon next customers get selected for VIP slots where you can order online before the sale starts instore. I think I order some sale stuff last year on the 20th or a day or two later.
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