Has anyone managed to find any cheap deals on England Jerseys?

    I missed out on the ASDA deal a few backs as my local ASDA store never stocked it, and my efforts to communicate with the teenage store worker were in vain as he never seemed to have grasped the basics of the English lanuage let alone customer care.

    So the hunt continues for the elusive sub £25 pound jersey!

    I already own the World cup 86,90 and 66 replica tops but i really could do with slipping my oversized carcas into the current away shirt.

    In years gone past it was always a case of shooting fish in a barrel for a cheap shirt come major competions but i read that Umbro were selective as to which retailers they sold to in order to keep the shirt near on to its RRP so the market wasnt flooded with big retailers selling them dirt cheap.

    Another classic case of rip off Britain, as if we didnt get ripped off enough anyway!

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