Has anyone managed to pair a Zepp 2 golf swing analyser with a MotoG (2nd gen) - niche question I know

    Bought one of these…529 . It won't pair with my phone through the App (MotoG 2nd gen) Zepp say it should ,nothing on Google so on the off chance wondering if any member has had similar problems . I've returned it as faulty . On the same subject anyone bought a Garmin Truswing and used it with a Moto G ?



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    Have you … Have you RTFM? you have another device around that it will connect to (Ipod/Ipad/Iphone) then try updating the firmware?

    Thanks for the reply . I've been in touch with their customer service (who are very good ) who have confirmed I have done all the correct things but still won't pair on the app page . They say it should work with the MotoG running Android 5 or 6 and Bluetooth 4.1LE so advised me to send it back . I've sent it back to Decathlon (customer service again very good, they paid for the return) ) so I'll be trying again with the new one next week .

    Unfortunately the only mobile devices I have immediate access to are 2x Moto Gs (one running 5 the other 6) and a Nexus 7 tablet (which website states is incompatible - correct the actual App is incompatible).

    When the new one arrives it will hopefully work ,if not I'll try it on a mates phone to see if it connects . I've heard of updating it on another phone so I'll try that one . Unfortunately it updates via Bluetooth only so I can't try that until I can get it to pair with a phone .

    Thanks again for your interest ,these posts crop up on Google so the info could be useful to someone in the future .
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