Has anyone noticed this?

    Look at the image below of the lollipop girl from GTA IV, look carefully at her right hand, the one holding the lollipop. Do you see anything odd?…jpg

    That picture has not been altered by Photoshop, it's the official image. If you don't believe me stick the game in your console and wait for the loading screen.


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    she has an extra finger or one hell of an enormous thumb ! :w00t:

    haha, never noticed that before.... yeah she has too many fingers lol

    haha glad you said i didnt notice lol how funny see top game and still mistakes

    and how long had you been staring at that pic before you noticed the extra finger?:whistling:

    All the better to suck lollipops with, as Grandma might have said.


    can't see it!
    damn work computers!



    can't see it!damn work computers!

    You shouldn't be looking at her anyway, you are soon to be married:p

    u must be bored, but very observant - i know probably spelt wrong before someone point it out!!


    You shouldn't be looking at her anyway, you are soon to be married:p

    Nevermind the spare finger, under the thumb already - :thumbsup:

    i think the top finger where it looks like 2 is infact just a shadow part way along the finger
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