Has anyone ordered a 64gb USB stick from the far east?

    I have been looking around and on fleabay they are going for £16 ish which is cheap, however has anyone actually bought one and if so are they really 64gb or is it like the Pro duo sticks that are coded to show xxgb when in fact you're lucky if you can fit 1gb on them?
    I am suspicious to say the least...


    if it looks too good to be true......................................

    lol nooooooo !!!

    Do Not Do It!

    Original Poster


    if it looks too good to be true......................................

    Yeah thats what I thought, but looking at the feedback no-one has complained which could be because it's false feedback (some of it definately is) or people are not aware of the fact they may not be getting the size they expected (there's an innuendo waiting to get out there):w00t:

    often these high space low price sticks are just fake. end of.

    they modify the FW to show it has "64GB" but the 2nd you write to it it will fail.

    Not all HK memory is fake but yeah, the larger the card and the cheaper it seems - the more likely it will be fake.

    for £16 defintely fake, im a bit skeptical when buying things from ebay thats not from the uk, but when a 64gb stick normally retails at 70 or so, 16 is a bit too obvious, even for ebay prices...

    I was stung by one of these this week, I wasn't aware there were fakes going around, my 64GB cost £17 (which amazed me!) but it is actually 10.2GB after formatting! So I have paid more for a generic fake than a Sandisc 16GB from!

    In the process of claiming through paypal, the seller had amazing feedback too.
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