Has anyone ordered from HP before? Help please.

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Found 26th Sep 2009

This might seem like a bit of a silly question....but is the Estimated build date for the computer the date it will be finished built or when it would be delivered?

Maybe I'm just hoping for someone to say thats when it's delivered!

And to your experience how accurate is it? Also...generally is standard delivery 5-7 business days as stated or is it just a bit longer to cover their backs?


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I know that I am not answering your question here but from my experience if you have a problem with your product I think that their customer service is the worlds worst. I bought my OH an ipaq hand held about 4 years ago and we had to send it off for repair. It went back 4 times! They even screwed a hole where there wasn't a screw hole so it went straight into the mother board of the ipaq. Anyway, we ended up getting our money back through pc world as it was only 10 months old and had been away for a couple of months in that time so no through my experience I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole but they might have improved?? Just a word of warning really

Build date is exactly that. Delivery date is something else.

Do nice sauce.
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