Has anyone ordered from Total Sports?

Found 17th Apr 2014
I wanted to get a personalised football kit from Total Sports as they are reasonably priced but wondered if anyone else had bought from them and what your experiences were?

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Yes I have! !!!!!!!!
After me asking here I was curious about it. They took n? ages to come so nothing before 5 weeks!
I got 2. chealsea and Liverpool for boys aged 7 & 8 so chose sizes bigger .
The writing on Chelsea shirt has 3 letters what usually come off about 3 mm. apart from that ok.
look for review on them as I did later. I was very upset when I chased I the order. 2 times it was a same message.
You need to order 6 weeks advance if a birthday is coming as I let my son down .


Yes they look like replicas too. only the printing. material bis fine. washed once by hand not going to risk washing machine . sane materials as UK

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Oh thank you. I think I'll spend a bit extra and get one from Sports Direct then, although find it slightly painful that it's £33 for the personalised shirt and then you still have to pay £4 for postage. My son's birthday is on 17th May so probably would have now left it too late anyway.

Thanks for your advice :-)

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