Has anyone ordered from Zavvi online successfully?

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Found 28th Jan 2008
I really want to pre-order an item and some games as well but the main one is Grand Theft Auto IV on the Playstation 3 (Special Edition) I can get it for only £52.00 with the 10% discount (Virgin Credit Card). What concerns me though is that Zavvi always charge my credit card immediately after I order so how can I be sure I will not be charged twice for the item? The second cheapest place to buy is Tesco, Whoolworths or Amazon. I want to pre-order it at £52.00 though because it is by far the lowest price £9.00 off what Tesco and Whoolworths are selling it for. Considering the R.R.P. is £70.00 at nearly £50.00 it is a bargain really.


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Not had a problem, but the item I ordered was in stock, not pre-order

yes I have

Nothing but problems,have ordered 3 times all orders have been accepted,then email to say not in stock.


No problems here on an item in stock. Delivery 2 days

Ordered Assassins Creed for the xbox saying it would be delivered 3-5 days, then got a notification today to say it's on backorder. Best to reserve in store, as they know how much stock they're getting in!

They're on my "Do not order from until further notice" list !

Nothing but problems from them.

Overall position seems to be if you order and they have it there and then, no problems.

If it goes to back order or you have any other sort of problem then be prepared for a long drawn out battle with their joke of a Customer Services.

Retail is very fluid though and hopefully they will have sorted it soon. Personally I won't be ordering from them until I:m 100% convinced.

There's another thread on Zavvi C/S somewhere will tell you the same

I have had mostly good experiences with Zavvi/ virgin online, but the 1st order I placed was back in september of last year, that is still on back order and I NEVER epect to see it, I just want to leave it there for as long as possible before I complain to them

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