Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 3 h, 13 m ago)
hi just wondering if anyone has bought off is it legit I have never heard of them before
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    Next door neighbour bought bedroom furniture from them - had a horrendous experience - delivered damaged goods - tried to replace them with wrong ones ,after 8 weeks the neighbour called them to come collect the lot...I would think twice before using them
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    Onbuy, I believe, is just a shopping portal like eBay or Amazon Marketplace where people can put their wares on there to sell (and I presume Onbuy gets a share of the sale).

    I have bought several things on there with no issues.

    The delivery usually take a few days but prices are usually cheaper than elsewhere. (edited)
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    Isn't Onbuy just a marketplace like eBay and others with various sellers good and bad?
    I thought this too. 
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    I purchased a board game, as it was noticeably cheaper, it was linked on a chat on here, realised it was a fake, complained got my money back, defo was an inferior product
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