Has anyone purchased Qobuz (high fidelity music streaming service) from outside the UK using a VPN

Posted 9th Jul 2022
Ive tried accessing Argentina and Brazil using a couple of vpn's and its detected both Vpn's each time.....thats before I got to create an account and any payment problems that may come later.

I also tried Portugal without a VPN (!) and it allowed me to go further to the create an account screen but I stopped there. Portugal starts at €8.99 .....1 user 1 month annual

Im asking for my cousin who has used Tidal before but needs a wider choice of music. Thanks
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    In my experience with these first of all always use a laptop or computer to do these things, not android and always use a good VPN. I have subscribed to Tidal and YouTube using a Windows laptop and Private Internet access without issue.
    Thanks. I used a laptop and both NordVpn and WeVpn without success. The vpn connects to the country ok; I went to google.com.ar and google.com.br and it reports Im in Argentina and Brazil respectively. It looks like the web site has more checks in place and it spots the vpn. WeVpn is less well known and if they are blocking ip addresses of say Nordvpn I thought that might have worked ..but no.
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    I'd stick with Tidal. I've tried everything to get Qobuz to work, but they've been pretty smart about it. Like Deezer and Spotify, they will ping your card location. So, even if you get through and pay (which I haven't managed to do) it will detect that your card isn't from the UK, and it will fail.

    I like Qobuz, but nothing is really supported in means of everyday use. CarPlay is basic as hell, none of our 'smart' devices support it either. It's going to be for people that have invested into audio equipment.

    Now that Tidal has been updated with Tidal Connect and the massively overdue CarPlay update, I haven't found much that would make me move from Tidal now.
    Thanks Jake. Unfortunately he's had Tidal previously but changed to Qobuz for music choice.....but he is the guy with the audio equipment!

    It was worth an ask...
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    If anyone has Qobuz family and wouldn't mind Tidal... I'm looking for a Qobuz account, and I would offer a slot on Tidal. Helps us save money.
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