Has anyone purchased those china made trench coats that is being sold on ebay?

Found 9th Dec 2014
My friend wants a trench coat for Christmas so I looked on Ebay and found trench coats made in china they look good but I am worried that if I buy one it will turn up rubbish! also he is a size large so what size would i get as i do not understand the sizing as their sizing is in Japanese
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I was going to say be ware of the sizing, I've bought quite a few things on ebay /amazon from China and Hong Ko g and the sellers have estimated the the UK sizes, however they have always been wrong and have been tiny. I would contact the seller and ask for measurements and then compare those to something your friend already has.
Don't buy from the like what holly said the measurements compared to them and ours is different and your probably going to regret it
My cousin bought one last year and I got a different one for myself and a lovely coat for my daughter. Their sizing is ridiculous, they are very small, had ordered large sizes though so thought it would be ok and they all looked great til they went through the first wash. Colours ran, the furry bits were matted and couldn't be sorted and all were unwearable. They were cheap enough so couldn't moan too much. Don't expect much from them.
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Thanks guys for answering, guess I should stay away from those as the sizing is pretty poor cheers everyone!
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