Has anyone received an email to change Quidco password?

Posted 7th Jan 2023
I've received an email that says:

"Dear customer

Looking after your security is always important to us at Quidco. Next time you try to access your Quidco account you will need to reset your password.

We’re asking you to do this because we’ve detected suspicious activity, which suggests your Quidco account may have been accessed by someone who isn’t you. This can happen if you use the same password across more than one website and one of those websites has been compromised.


I just tried to log in and it wouldn't recognize my log in.
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    I have received this email too and am unable to reset it even though I have attempted to several times.
    Exactly same here
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    If it says "Dear customer", instead of your name, which the real Quidco should know, then I would suspect this is a scam to get your password.

    Having said that, I don't know the value of accessing someone else's Quidco account...
    I don't think it is - any links in the email seem genuine, and there is no attempt to get you to click anything, it only refers to the next time you try to login (which a scammer would have no control over).
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    I've had nothing. Maybe do a password reset request from their main site and not a link if it's been provided in the email as it could potentially be spam?
    Thanks. I've done that but it redirects asking me to message them but their live chat is closed till tomorrow. The password is not being used as log in for another website. I think it's kind of strange as I've only just started using Quidco after a very long time due to the recent bonuses of which I've successfully got 3/3 tracked.
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    I had that email too
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    Email sent asking to reset password.

    Thanks @Quidco_Rep Macey.
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    I ignore anything that addresses me as "Dear Customer"
    Can't the @Quidco_Rep confirm that these emails are genuine?
    Sorry if this was missed earlier in the thread, but I can confirm this is legit and from Quidco. If you need help changing your password please do get in touch with the team directly for assistance!
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