Has anyone received French version Disney DVDs from CD Wow? (Cars, Little Mermaid, Chicken Little)

It has just dawned on me that the cheap Disney DVD's I ordered from Cd wow ages ago have never turned up. Has anyone else received theirs? I know quite a few people on here ordered them. I have had bad experiences with these before, like waiting for months and then having to cancel the items anyway. I am wishing I hadn't bothered now.


no, Cars, i emailed after it didn't show up after 2.5 wks, got money back, 99p lool

i did get two 5DVD IMAX sets for £1.99 each tho, which i was pretty happy about

[COLOR="Magenta"]i never ordered the disney dvds but i did order other dvds from Cd wow last week and i have just received them this morning if that`s any help [/COLOR]

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I've waited about 5 weeks now, so i'll probably cancel.

I had this email this morning;

Dear, ****************

Thank you for placing your order with CD WOW!

We are writing to you regarding your order #449203542 for: Cars (Version Francaise) (Product code: 1837691).

We have experienced a slight delay in receiving this product from our suppliers and we are currently awaiting confirmation of when the goods will be available for dispatch.

As soon as stock is received on this date, we will process your order for despatch and notify you by email that this has occurred.

Once we have confirmed the dispatch of this item to you by email, please allow up to 7-10 working days for delivery.

For further information, please click here.

or contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected].

We do hope that you will accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for shopping with CD WOW!

Kind regards
CD WOW! Customer Service
[email protected]



I've waited about 5 weeks now, so i'll probably cancel.

Me too! Just came on to ask about this! We must have some sort of psychic connection lol! ;-)

Still waiting for mine

Ordered Toy Story 2 from them months ago and that never turned up so I didnt have much hope with these

Thanks for reminding me about these, i haven't got mine yet.

I've never managed to get any thing from CDWOW.
I've tried ordering several thing and they never seem to be able to post the stuff so i end up cancelling.
they are the one store i do not recommend.

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Thanks for all your posts guys.

Nothing arrived yet but for 99p I can hang on - credit crunch isnt that bad!

Whatever happened to this lot ?

They used to be excellent , now they are one of the worst online outfits going .
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