has anyone recieved a message from o2 about free txts to o2 numbers for life

    i have just got a message forwarded from my friend saying

    msg: o2 are now keeping o2 to o2 texts free for ever. so tell your friends. send this to 20 friends and recieve a £50 top up 4 spreading the word. the credit will be sent to you within 2minutes of your last text. thanks from o2

    has anyone had the same message or is this one of them pointless texts???


    pointless text

    doesnt make sense-if you send 20 texts how do 02 know they were to tell your friends?

    will they read all the texts? sounds like a scam to me.

    probs a scam

    hmmmm lemme think...o2 could hit one button and send the text themselves to every single customer they have for free. Or they give millions out in £50's for 'spreading the word'

    I think you know the answer :thumbsup:

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