Has anyone seen a 32" lcd tv for £200

    hiya im skint mega skint and have no telly lol! im on benefits but i am a full time carer for my mum (so dnt start lol) would like a biggish tele i have £200 saved from my carers allowance can anyone please help :-) thnx xxxxxx


    someone posted one a week or so ago in a deal ........ 32" lcd tv ... £199 can't remember what make but wasd cheap one ........ let me try a search for ya did it with a Daewoo TV…le/

    must be out of stock by now but prices are falling quick

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    they all gone now on that post xxxxxxx

    Try richersounds website and if you want to pay a little more john lewis have 5 year guarantee with free delivery. They are the ones i checked when i was looking for a tele, also before you buy read a review to see how good it actually is. I know some may say a tele is a tele, but the specs etc are different on them all.


    Happy hunting :thumbsup:

    The was a farce no one got a telly at all for £199

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    i dont know where to start:x

    doing a basic search on ebuyer and google ......... cheapest seems about £270.00 which is HD ...... ebuyer reguarly lower their prices for a few days so keep an eye out ........ also try pretty cheap on TV's



    refurb not HD, if you want an HD lcd for £200 ebay would be an idea
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