Has Anyone Seen Drillbit Taylor?

    I'm asking because I have a phobia of vomiting (emetophobia) and I was told on the imdb message boards that someone tries to O/D in the film and that they get him to vomit, but then when checking on there's no mention of this.

    Can anyone please let me know?? I'm sad I know but I need to know if and when as I panic otherwise!!!
    Thanks in advance!


    Err, I saw it a few weeks ago and don't have the best memory...but I certainly don't remember a scene where any one tries to OD!…Xxu

    Are you talking about this scene?.

    Image below...................


    Just kidding ![/SIZE]

    I dont remember anyone vomiting either.
    Good film although it could easily have been made a 12a with some editing of unnecessary violence IMO tho i have to say i love the ending - well deserved! and I dont think ive given anything away. Apologies if you disagree

    Great film, don't remember anyone OD'ing either- Very funny and good ending :thumbsup:

    no i dont think so no vomiting.

    I just vomited typing this did i scare you?
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