Has anyone seen "Hole in the Wall"?

    Argh!! After watching the "Human Tetris" videos on YouTube, which are from a Japanese TV show, I've always thought "hey, they should do that over here".

    It seems to have arrived. Celebrity style.

    "Dale Winton hosts the series in which two teams of celebrities, captained by dancing star Anton Du Beke and cricket legend Darren Gough, try to force themselves through various crazy-shaped holes in giant moving walls. Clad head-to-toe in tight silver lycra, there is everything to play for, as failure results in a head-first plunge into a swimming pool. The wall shapes get harder and travel faster as the celebrities get wetter."…8v/


    Or watch something decent like takeshis castle

    The original series was made in like 86-89 before all the stupid safety rules and boring games…ZpI

    And before you ask someone has beaten takeshis castle and the ep just cuts off and the person wins nothing

    Thought i do love a bit of human tetris…ted
    5mins 0 seconds is the best bit as you think that walls coming awful fast

    Takeshi's Castle is pure class, love it. Not sure about Hole in the Wall, but anything with Dale Winton is usually a laugh, even if it's just laughing at the amount of make-up he has on!

    My daughters both love this show. They try to play along at home by pulling the shapes themselves.

    I should get a water pistol and spray them if I don't think they have "passed" :-D
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