Has anyone shopped at The Big Discount Store??

    I've just spent about £60 on there now and saw a message on MSE from back in March advising to avoid - they never got the items they paid for or a refund! Went on a friend's recommendation but not sure if she's ordered from there. Everything is so cheap on there that I'm worried now - any feedback? Cheers!


    looks quite expensive for a discount store


    looks quite expensive for a discount store

    I must agree with that!

    Car boot organixer, RRP £10, our price.............. £10! Gonna buy lots!

    The Big Discount Store is a trading name of Grattan plc, Otto House, Ingleby Road, Bradford. BD99 2XG. Registered in England and Wales. Looks ok grattan is quite a big catalogue.,should be ok iIthink.

    I have used there ebay store and got my goods ok but then got loads of spam about there onlne shop big discount store.

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    thanks all!
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