Has anyone sold an iPhone to CEX?


    Has anyone sold an unlocked iphone to CEX since yesterday and received £240 for it?

    I received my iPhone today and was quoted £240 for it if I send it in within 5 days which legally they have to keep to. I just hope they stick to it


    I was quoted 240 yesterday as well, but i know they will not honour the price. plus it takes forever for them to get back to you or to even acknowledge your order. Isent some item to them last month on the 13 i got my vouchers just 4 days ago. i ll rather you ebay it

    Cex are a nightmare - i sent my phone about 6 weeks ago, have emailed them and tried to call, they NEVER answer the phone, i have had one email to say they are dealing with my order.........stay well clear is my advice!

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    I'll go with your advice and sell it on ebay


    I have had a membership with CEX for over 10 years now and have never had any problem with a price being honored.

    If you have gone online to sell items, what will help is if you make sure to put a copy of your confirmation details to ensure the price you were quoted is paid and they are obliged to pay that price, even if they subsequently reduce the value for the item afterwards.
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