Has anyone successfully bought off Udemy using a VPN?

Posted 19th Jun 2022
If so, how? Revolut is rejecting when using Turkey. anyone tried crypto.com?
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    You used to be able to use a UK card to pay but Udemy now verify the card is Turkish ....as far as I know. Ive even got a Turkish account created with a vpn that Ive used with a friends real Turkish card and now it doesnt even like that and flags it as a UK account....so they must do other checks on ip address or something similar over time.

    Cheapest Ive ever seen courses is 27.99TL (turkish lira) ....so less than £1.50 . So worth a try if you fancy the challenge (edited)
    Thanks for response. I've tried a few different cards and VPN to Turkey and Argentina with no success. Think they've got this one sussed!
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    did you manage to get it to work since?
    Afraid not. I've been using the Google rewards app to pay for Udemy courses if that helps.
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