Has anyone suffered from long term Vertigo?

    I know this is probably rather random for hotukdeals but I find people so helpful when it comes to answering questions.Plus I am getting rather worried so I'll ask away.
    I have got constant Vertigo since August 2008.Has anyone else got any experience?


    the only vertigo experience i had was in january 2006
    it lasted around 24 hours then i was ready to run a marathon
    such a long vertigo is worrying,
    did u check with a ear specialist? i had an appointment after my 24 hours just to make sure all crystals are fine, they can prescribe physiotherapy treatment who are trained specially to replace the crystals in our ears back in place

    Had it for a few weeks and was put on Beta histamines, plus wasn't allowed to drive or use a computer at work. Doc signed me off in the end. Been fine ever since

    OH has an appointment this month with ENT specialist as has these symptoms for years, is also having a different type of eye test. I think it is a stress thing but he won't have any of it!!

    My Dads friend has had this for years too. It comes and goes but some of the attacks can be quite distressing. Hope you get sorted.

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    I also have raised white blood cells and esr which is an inflammtory marker.I have had lots of ENT ops like grommet insertion and removal and my ear drum perforated a few times as a child.I find fluorescent lights make it worse.I been doing research and have all the Vertigo symptoms except longer!GP has suggested it might be a growth argh!Im not convinced though to be honest.Just want some reassurance really.

    It's odd to have that symptom only for that long, but can happen in some people (Meniere's disease is one of the more common causes of a long term problem)
    A raised white cell and ESR are also odd, unless the blood test was done at the time you had any sort of infection going
    It's strange that your GP has said it might be a growth...have you got an appointment to see an ENT specialist??
    Hope all is fine

    i've had it on and off for years, horrible, can be fine for ages then just wake up spinning or completely off balance.
    i was supposed to have tests that would induce an attack but couldn't face it so never went,good luck with yours though.

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    Waiting to see ENT taking ages.Just hope its nothing sinister Thanks guys

    It doesn't sound sinister, and if your GP thought it was anything sinister, you would have gotten a quick appointment
    I wouldn't worry
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