Has anyone taken out a British Gas Homecare agreement recently?

    I took one out on the 7th and have now been informed that they had a computer problem last week and no agreements were created so I am not covered. Has anyone else been told this?


    Search online and see who is the official service group for your make of boiler. When i was with BG they said they couldnt source the part that i needed for a 6 year old potterton gold. Cant remember who i am with now but they are the official service group for the boiler i have and always manage to get the quote down every year to what i would have paid on the comparison sites.

    I had one and it was a nightmare. The details we discussed on the phone to include pipe work was denied 2 weeks later when they phoned me up to take out pipe work cover - said I had it. Resulted in manager listening to phone call and saying I had been told I was covered for pipe work. When the renewal fee came they tripled it so I cancelled, didnt even have one claim and no discount given.

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    Thanks guys. The fact they completely failed to set up the agreement may have saved me from a world of pain later on! I wonder how many other people think they are covered when they are not though.
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