Has anyone taken out extended Warranty on a car, was it worth it?

Found 15th May
Just bought a new (second hand) car. Thinking about taking out a warranty on it, but knowing how insurance companies find any way not to pay, is this area just the same?
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everyone will tell you the same.... dont
I did, but it was from a family run Ford Dealership who had been around for decades... They replaced my broken side mirror(foldable) which wouldn't fold in anymore with no complaints or problems..

Guess it depends a) who you buy it from and b) the cost..

If your thinking of like a warrantywise one then no it's probably not worth it as they'll have so many caveats and exclusions
The decision would depend on make, model, year, mileage, reputed reliability of the model and cost of policy. You say new/secondhand which implies almost new. Many manufacturers have a 3 year warranty and some as high as 7. What did you buy?

I buy second hand - less than 6 months old usually - and over the 18 years I have been doing it for mine and my wife's cars, I would have wasted my money on warranties. Remember that cars sold by a business have to meet the same Consumer Law requirements as other goods. So fit for purpose, durable and such terms still apply.

I normally give a plug for honestjohn.co.uk but in this instance I can't. I know he sells warranties so has a conflict of interest. But you may find the site useful to research problems with your model.

Hope this doesn't rain on your parade but I hope you paid for at least some of it to get your S75 rights (to hold the Credit Card company equally liable)
A Mr A took out extended warranty for 3 years and paid out on lots of things. He says it's worth it. Mr B took out extended warranty for 3 years an no issues with car. He says it's not worth it. It comes down to wether you want peace of mind (hopefully) and accept what they will charge.
Unless your gearbox/engine literally drop out, The warranty companies won't pay jack. They're scammers, So many exclusions etc. Simply not worth it.
Yes engine developed a fault saved us 3 grand. This was many years ago though. Just get it!
Remember insurance is a bet. Your betting with the insurance company that the car will fail and they are betting with you that it won’t. You pay the premium which you will lose either way but your betting that they will need to cover other costs as you incur them on the car. If the premium is small and you won’t miss the cash then go for it, if it’s high and you can’t really afford it don’t.
They will never pay out . Everything is classed as wear and tear

You will have car physical repair warranty
And gap insurance (covers purchase prices vs insurance price)

Or buy a newish car with existing long term warranty eg Toyota 5 year etc which is transferable
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