Has anyone tried kamagra?

Found 20th Feb 2009
Dont need it, but just out of curiosity does it work?
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same as any other....gives you a really really truely ****** headache tho...worse than the rest.

like you..i got spiked out of curiosity...not good man. not good at all.
It works.

Yes, it works my pretties.......
Ive tried it a couple of times for fun. Like above I got a proper bad headache but the Mrs enjoyed herself.
ive been "aquiring" these for years, making a nice few quid in the process. never tried them myself but the rule off thumb seems to be that they work, but only if you are stimulated. pm me iff you want any............. only joking..............
I wana buy some anyone have any? Call txt im in london 07961239404
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