Has anyone tried Mini PCIE Internal Solid State Drive

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Found 15th Dec 2016
Thinking of getting one of these to boost OS, has anyone tried booting OS from Mini PCIE Internal Solid State Drive?
Link : amazon.co.uk/gp/…-21

Sounds like a good deal, and a good option to boot up PC/Linux quicker. Any tips would be really appreciated, would it be good for VM/Linux ?

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My laptop has one of these, though not the same brand. Lightning quick on the boot up. Mine is a 128gb.

Only lapto I had one of these in it was used as a cache for the standard hard drive. It'll should be quicker than a normal ssd to boot etc. So yeah go for it

Just make sure your laptop BIOS supports booting from it. not all do, some laptops only support using it as part of a drive array as a cache drive.

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Thanks All, ordered one.

Did any one else read MINCE PIE on first viewing ? Or have I got my Christmas head on ? !!!!
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