Has anyone tried one of these?

    Okay, so I was looking around at how to ket tv on my pc and discovered this:
    ebay item no. 230165551770
    Has anyone tried one of these? Are they any good?
    I presume that I don't even need a TV tuner card in my pc... is that right?
    And do I require a tv licence for this?

    All help apprecited. :thumbsup:


    1) I have one.
    2) The aerial that comes with it isn't strong enough in my area so I needed to plug it into my roof arial.
    3) If you have a device that can receive TV signals then you must have a TV licence.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    The aerial did look pretty feeble, sounds good though, will save me having a seperate tv...

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    we bought one a few months ago, it never worked and the tv mast is just … we bought one a few months ago, it never worked and the tv mast is just above us. personally i'd buy a tv

    Thanks for the reply, think I'll be a little pushed for space with a tv aswell.


    I've got one and it works fine, just dump that rubbish aerial and plug into a roof or indoor aerial. And you can record tv from it too
    Yep you need a licence if the property doesn't already have one.

    I've got one, Doesn't work with the little portable aerial, Works well with the roof/loft aerial fine though, Can record, use time-shift etc!

    had one of these. if you dont want to connect it to the roof antenna then buy a signal booster and a proper external aerial and you should have a good signal.

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    Thanks for the replies , have now bought one, will hopefully work with the aerial I've got that has a built in amplifier.
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