Has anyone tried the Babyliss Easy Cut shaver?

Found 19th Aug 2010
Looking at getting these as i can't use normal shavers on myself very easily with problems with my hands but wondered if these are as easy as they look and if i can just circulated it all over my head? i think i could manage that save getting my hubby to do it thanks
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Looked like it was a good idea till i read the reviews. You can buy it for £27 online .
i seem to find as many bad reviews as i find good ones can't decide what to do but if i do get it i will go for amazon/argos or a company with good customer service so i can get a refund if it's poop
I bought one for my other half, he only tried it once and said it hurt too much! He said it pulled the hair on his head which is only about 4mm long at the longest!
seems a common complaint sounds like the blades aren't sharp enough i wonder if they changed it in later batches
I've got one of these and it's great:

Obviously takes a little bit of getting used to, but so much easier than using conventional clippers - it fits in your hand perfectly. Before buying the Philips I had a normal Babyliss clipper set which was really difficult to use.
that looks good will see if hubby wants it but to my own i need one i can go i in any and all directions as i have numb hands or pins and needles so cant control the lines or keep my arms up for long.
Them there shavers from the OP are pants,i bought some a while back so i could do my hair,never used them again,just sat in the bag in the wardrobe,they just don't cut hair like they are intended to do.I would defo recommend NOT buying these.
looks like i will have to keep hubby sweet so he will do but bless him he hates when i have to chop all my hair off
thanks guys
just got the babyliss easy cut v2. followed the instructions to the letter. that was a huge waist of time and money. i had to finnish my hair with normal clippers.i should have read the reviews first
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