Has anyone tried the new Walkers flavours ( discuss)

    Been to asda and bought 2 x 6 packs for £2 some are single flavours some are various

    I opted for Dutch Edam Cheese ~~ does what it says on the packet . Very nice will deffo buy more

    Also got American Cheeseburger ~~ these were ok, had maybe a slight tang of relish???
    They are edible and will eat teh other 2 packs ( OH and I split packs 3 each). But i wouldnt persoanlly buy again


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    other flavours isaw were Italian spag bol, spanish paella, japanese teriyaki chicken, brazilian salsa and a few more i forgotten

    english beef and yorkshire pudding some argentinian ones and eastern europe ones?

    Scottish Haggis

    link to new flavours. 15 in total.…p//

    hover over choose a flavours tab.


    I'm hungry now ! :x

    crisps make fatties!!!

    interesting flavours but seriously theres nothing a packet of dutch edam cheese crisps can give you that some dutch edam cheese cant.

    I did not like either of the 2 you mentioned TBH!

    Winalot and turkey feather..... YUM !!

    I tried the roast beef yorkie pud ones today, just taste like beef. Also got the Argie and german ones to try ;-)

    As said above the flavours just taste like existing or previous special editions. There seems no difference to Edam and Cheese and Onion
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