Has anyone use this website:

    I want to sell my old macbook pro. This website looks decent and the offers look good too but I haven't seen many reviews.
    Just need some reassurance, thanks


    Y not just value it and stick it on here or ebay

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    Thanks for the replies

    As others have said, not worth the hassle. These places usually rely on people sending items and often have a clause you agree to that they won't send stuff back to you if you're not happy so their rating of your item is final and it's either take what they offer, argue pointlessly or lose out entirely. You're entirely at their mercy so your grade A item ends up being assessed as grade F-, they keep the item and you get half as much as it's worth.

    Best bet would be to try any of the following

    - HUKD FS/FT thread
    - Ebay
    - Cash converters
    - Cash generator
    - your local pawn shop/2nd hard buy selling type places
    - CEX

    Another point would be to ensure you log and photograph and log the serial numbers of the laptop to avoid being done oven, I'd also consider high resolution detailed photographs of the item too in order to document it's exact condition. That's advice for any situation where it's anything other than cash in hand as there are lots of rip off merchants who are all to happy to file claims on places like ebay by buying an identical laptop, wait for it to arrive then claim it's faulty/damaged and then you pay to have the item returned back to you which you're unaware is actually an entirely different machine.

    There is a rash of these sites popping up, and many run the same scam, offer you a decent price, then when you have sent them the goods, reduce it to 20-30% of the original offer; and as mentioned, will send back a crappy model claiming it is the one you sent them if you refuse.
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