Has anyone used a phone screen magnifier?

Posted 26th Dec 2019
I spotter an Apachie phone screen magnifier on Groupon for a decent price. The idea is cool, it would make viewing netflix from my phone a lot nicer, however I can't help but expect this to be really poor. Does anyone know anything about it? Or any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance!
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I got one from home bargains and it's OK but only OK. It does miss a fair bit of the screen off round the edges and it's quite awkward to get the right angle as you can only really see the screen from straight on.
Wife brought me one so I could watch films on my phone. After several attempts at using it ("you'll get used to using it" she said) It's been relegated to the boot of the car - enough said?
Good idea, but when you examine the physics behind it you soon realise that it can only be effective if your are in the 'sweet spot' and any movement away from that will cause some distortion which your eyes have to adjust out. Using it gave me a headache.
I got one from Poundland... The Fresnel lens is very fussy on angle.
If you pack the phone forward a little, you'll get a bit less magnification but less distortion.
Thank you all. I'll give them a pass i think
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