Has anyone used ACE-FX to buyback euros?

Found 31st Jan 2013
For Christmas, I received a nice sum of € from my family towards my new car. Other than the random PO and M&S, there's nobody in the area who really offers a good "buyback" rate.

I came across ACE-FX: ace-fx.com/buy…ost. Apparently, I can post them the money special delivery, and they'll pay the £ amount in my bank - significantly better rates than local places.

Has anyone used them before? I don't really fancy being scammed...
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hi i have used travel fx and they are really good and quick and i think todays rate they will give is 0.85 euros to the pound hope it helps
Special Delivery doesn't cover cash.
Hang around the post office until someone wants to buy euros, then give them a better offer.

Failing that, take the hit at the post office, it's better to get something rather than nothing.
Can I ask how much we are talking here??
Put together with some leftover Euros we had, it's €1000.

The problem is that the "hit" I would take at the P.O. would be quite substantial...
Personally wouldn't risk sending £900 worth of euros in the post, and then hoping that they don't scam you, over basically £50 of exchange rate difference. It's just not worth the hassle to be fair when there are too many avenues to go wrong.
Does special delivery not cover cash? Their website seems to indicate that it's fine...
Arrrgghhhh.......... I have just seen your location. If you stick at the rate ACE-FX are offering, an advert on Gumtree etc, and offer them. Anyone who is planning to go abroad for a holiday, will not get the rate you are offering any better anywhere else.

Also, why not send the currency back to whoever sent it, and get them to do a bank transfer to you??
The post office give almost £100 less, so it's not worth going down that route. I've not thought of Gumtree - I might do. Apparently the Royal Mail do cover you if the money gets lost (as long as you send Special Delivery) - and Ace-FX does seem to be a real company... I'll have a think over the weekend and let you all know.
(Also, the reason I don't send the money back is because it was my gran who did it - and it was such a lovely gesture! Returning the money, for whatever reason, would seem offensive - and asking her for a bank transfer would be like speaking to her in a foreign language!)
Just in case someone stumbles into this topic - I sent the money special delivery/insured yesterday (post office lady said it was OK) - the company received the money this morning, and they just phoned to confirm the exchange rate. Money has been paid into my account.

Happy days.
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