Has anyone used Alibaba.com?

If so did everything go smoothly? I'm thinking of buying a few iphone's for myself and friends but is the site trustworthy and does it have buyer protection?



I have used them to find a few suppliers, but i only picked the gold trust pass members that have been verified by alibaba, would never use any of the other companies as there are so many scams on there, never had any problems with the gold members

Yeah, be very careful. Anyone can put info up on Alibaba.

Even Gold suppliers arent (or werent) particularly safe

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So its pretty much the same as ioffer.com then? I've been scammed on there previously.


Even Gold suppliers arent (or werent) particularly safe

I did hear some horror stories in the past but Alibaba tightened up their checking and vetting procedure a couple of years ago, not to say there still arent some bad apples out there, but def less that there used to be:), wouldnt touch anyone offering cheap branded electricals tbh, same old saying "if it seems to good to be true then its isnt"

ive used this site a couple off times. as far as im aware there was no protection. the best thing to do is post what you want then let the suppliers contact you. my advice would be to just buy a couple at a time untill you build up trust. i used to transfer the money via western union. they always try and get you to buy 100's of a particular product. i may be able to find an email address of the supplier that i dealt with. if i can i will post it for you. good luck.

have sent pm with contact email as i dont think you are allowed to post private emails. thanks
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