Has anyone used an online quote website for new windows?

Found 18th Oct 2017
Looking to have my double glazing replaced but desperately don't want to invite a double glazing salesman into the house.

Has anyone tried an online quote service?
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I looked into them prior to getting a couple of our windows changed this year , however in the end I didn't put my details in. Oddly the local ones that I looked at both used exactly the same online forms which seemed odd, and then as they obviously wanted all your contact details I figured they would end up phoning constantly anyway.

In the end I chose three Independant companies and bit the bullet having them all round to quote on the same week . Actually none stayed longer than 30 minutes , although this was just for two large bays. Avoided the large firms , I think they are the ones that tend to stay longer . Also politely asked all of them for their best price on the quotes that they could offer because I was getting all the quotes to compare that week. Certainly wasn't the prolonged experience I was expecting .
Used a company that gathered 5 quotes then u choose who u want to go with. Waste of space best go to the company directly, ask someone with experience neighbour or friend for their recommendations
If you are particulary worried, then just measure the windows yourself (outside - brick to brick - side to side and top to bottom), write it all down and go to some local showrooms. I did this, and they all quoted, no problem. Even if the measurements arn't correct (the one you choose will re-measure anyway), they will all be quoting the same sizes.
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